Kalita is a research and consultancy company, established in 2000 by Sevda Çavaş and Ebru Algım.

Based on long term experience of its founders and moderators in research and strategic planning,  Kalita’s main objective is to provide added value for the brands it serves, beyond research findings.

Each and every research and/or consultancy project is handled with care by the experienced strategic planners – researchers that make up the core staff of Kalita.

Kalita staff approach clients as business partners and believe in the crucial importance of gaining a deep understanding about brand’s soul, its heritage, its story, its competitive framework in order to develop and offer useful solutions.

Curiosity and enthusiasm are engrained in Kalita’s DNA.

Kalita excels at thoroughly questioning first the managers then the consumers of brands it serves.

Since its establishment, Kalita has served more than 100 brands in categories spanning from telecommunications to food, from finance to clothing. Through this time it managed to collect stories of long term and highly satisfied customers.

As a vibrant and dynamic organisation with the motto “curiosity keeps you young”, Kalita is a boutique research and consultancy company that brings together experience and new ideas.

Kalita is a member of ESOMAR and TÜAD and has GAB and ISO 20252 certificates.




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