As Eti Gıda we have been working with Kalita Research for long years. Kalita is far beyond of being a boutique research agency for us. At Kalita research starts with in-depth interviews conducted with us as the first step, the minute we share our project with them. After their delicate, purpose oriented research design, what’s left to me is to watch FGDs, 1on1s when i find the opportunity; if I can’t participate, to know that Kalita moderators are my ears and my eyes, is a special trust and confort. Kalita, with their experience in the research sector and their moderators’ expertise continues to add value to our projects with insights they generate in all our research studies. Sincere thanks to all the Kalita team.

Didem Ansel

Head of Consumer and Market Insights

As Vodafone, we take great care to work with Kalita on projects that have strategic importance and that will shed light on long term decisions. Kalita, whom we see as our strategic business partner since the beginning of our collaboration, delivers great support to our decision taking process with the way they handle our research needs and with the foresightful approach in conveying consumer insights and findings of the studies they conduct. At the end of the day, true insights lead to true and result oriented marketing actions and this improves the way we do business. I would like to thank Kalita for their contribution.

Burcu Erdur

Vodafone/ Customer&Market Insight Manager

In all the projects that we conducted with Kalita team, we have reached very valuable findings that changed the destiny of the product. Major reason lying at the background of this fact is the conduction of consumer research from a-to-z by experts with competent moderation. I find the take-outs of these studies very valuable, as they picture clearly how our users see our product and what they expect from us.

Yağmur Kent